"Maintenance" is no longer just repairing machine but 'Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency'

Industrial Plant Maintenance:

Unexpected equipment failure in a manufacturing plant can interrupt the production schedule and lead to costly downtime that can impact your bottom line significantly.

With the aid of the latest technologies, such as smart sensors, cloud computing, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing equipment maintenance has gone beyond regularly scheduled visits by technicians. Smart sensors, for example, can alert plant managers of potential issues in real-time so they can be remedied before the problem interrupts the production process.

"Smart Manufacturing Maintenance" is well worth the investment as it is to ensure that the manufacturing equipment is running at 100% efficiency as much as possible while upholding the highest production quality.

'Smart Maintenance' contributes to safer and highly efficient infrastructure system around the world

Infrastructure Maintenance:

Japan rail system is a great example of smart infrastructure maintenance. Each week, 34 million people ride the Yamanote Line, which encircles Tokyo. As the trains run at 2-3 minutes intervals from early in morning till late at night, it is difficult to operate and manage the maintenance activity efficiently without interrupting train service. However, the introduction of smart maintenance using IoT technology allows the collection and analysis of enormous amounts of data from trains and rails in real time, making it possible to detect minor changes and to predict failures well in advance. As the issue of aging transport infrastructure attracts a new level of attention around the world, smart maintenance will offer a novel solution to keep infrastructure in safe condition, whether rail, train, road, highway, tunnel, bridge and other construction.

"Smart Maintenance" will trigger a revolution in the world’s infrastructure system.

MRA (Maintenance & Resilience Asia) 2023:

Realizing the significance of 'Maintenance for Better Productivity', Maintenance & Resilience Tokyo has been held annually in Japan for almost 60 years. The exhibition aimed at supporting maintenance in industrial plants, factories as well as infrastructure and construction site to make a sustainable and resilient social capital.

The first MRA exhibition was held in Thailand on 2-4 October 2019. With the theme "Smart Manufacturing & Smart Infrastructure", the event focused on advanced maintenance technology and solution for maximizing productivity and efficiency for manufacturing plants, infrastructure and construction projects.

MRA 2023 exhibition and conference themed "Smart Industrial Safety & Maintenance Technology" is scheduled for 18-20 October 2023 (postponed from 14-16 September 2022) at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibition is comprised of 4 main areas:

  • Industrial Plant Maintenance & Management / Factory Maintenance & Management
  • Plant Engineering
  • Industrial Safety
  • Infrastructure Maintenance & Management